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The REFUGE series

Film Team

Blake and Emily Scott are owners and operators of STRS Productions (Star Trak Recording Studio). They are multiple award winning film and audio producers.

Ron Marchand is an avid outdoorsman and is photographer and videographer for STRS Productions. His work plays a major part in the filming of the REFUGE series.

Ernest Marshall is a retired ECU professor and contributes the majority of script writing for all the REFUGE series films. His dedication is beyond words.

DJ Sharp is a dedicated photographer and videographer. His work with STRS Productions is highlighted in the Alligator film.

 REFUGE - Swanquarter Premieres at Turnage Theater

Premiere Showing of Refuge -- Swan Quarter, Latest Film By STRS Productions


The award winning film makers Blake and Emily Scott held the Premiere showing of their latest nature documentary on the National Wildlife Refuges of North Carolina August 20 at the historic Turnage Theater in downtown Washington NC.  This film was on the Swanquarter National Wildlife Refuge located in Hyde County.  The film highlighted the thousands of waterfowl that winter on the refuge, with beautiful footage of flocks of Tundra Swans, and many duck species and other waterfowl, on the water and in flight.  The cinematography, narration, and music work together to create an evening's magical experience.   The film also had plenty of scene of other wildlife on the refuge, capturing the drama of these fascinating creatures in their daily pursuits in their native habitats.   Like the other films in Refuge -- The Series, rare footage of  scenes of animals and their unique behaviors captures real nature on film, and all without the aid of blinds or baiting.

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