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Join the award winning film team of STRS Productions as they spend an entire year, from season to season, filming wildlife and its behavior on the most beautiful refuges in the state of North Carolina. Each film is unique as each refuge has its own reputation of certain wildlife that either resides there for their entire life or is just migrating through.


Each refuge is filmed in High Definition to bring you the highest quality detail available. The voice of Denise Kelly narrates each film with the dynamics and beauty of each scene. Eight years in the making and counting. Hundreds of hours are spent on every refuge to make sure the highlights are brought to you on film exactly as they occured.  Available on DVD or BluRay at the REFUGE series store.


The first film of the series was documented on Mattamuskeet NWR. The second film was Pocosin Lakes NWR. Third was Pea Island NWR. Forth was Roanoke River NWR. Fifth was Alligator River NWR. Sixth in the series was Mackay Island and the newest release is REFUGE - Swanquarter.

Many people travel thousands of miles to see wildlife in other countries not realizing that right in their own backyards here in North Carolina resides some of the most beautiful wildlife on earth! REFUGE - the series brings you this wildlife right into your own living room without ever leaving the comfort of your own home. There is no baiting or staging used to produce these films. You get to witness it as it really is and chances are that if you visit one of these refuges during the right time of year you could possibly experience it for yourself. If you are unable to get out then these films will show you what is out there. North Carolina is known for having the largest Black Bears and concentrations of waterfowl in the world and REFUGE - the series has captured that!


306 Oak Drive

Washington, N.C. 27889

Film // Video Editing

Final Cut Pro // Premiere Pro

Available for freelance and contract jobs

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