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Available Now On DVD and Blu ray! "REFUGE Alligator River"


Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge is no ordinary wilderness
and the film team of STRS Productions brings you the most
dramatic and scenic wildlife spectacle that you will ever witness
in the state of North Carolina.
Fifth in the series, "REFUGE - Alligator River" captures some of
the most jaw-dropping cinematography of wildlife this area has
to offer.
Alligator River Refuge is made up of large acres of pocosin
and a diversity of habitats with an abundance of wildlife.
Established in 1984 and covering over 150,000 acres, ARNWR is
home to many threatened and endangered species, and each year
receives large numbers of migrating waterfowl.
See Red Wolves, Alligators, Red-cockaded Woodpeckers, American
Black Bears, Wild Turkeys, and much more!
Filled with emotion, intimacy, and powerful storytelling, this epic
film is one of the most powerful viewing experiences of a lifetime.
Covering all four seasons, each shot is unstaged with no baiting and
all natural, as nature is meant to be.
Narrated by Denise Kelly, filmed in High Definition and mixed in
surround sound, you will see why ARNWR attracts visitors
worldwide, and is one of the most highly regarded and
recommended regions that serves as the gateway to other
North Carolina refuges.


See why critic's are calling these North Carolina Wildlife Documentaries

"A Masterpiece"! 

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